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Zeus Unite – Monsters, a New Unity Asset Release

Hello Fellow Game Devs,

We are happy to announce our next Unity Asset, Zeus Unite – Monsters is now available in the Unity Asset Store.

Asset Store Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/zeus-unite-monsters-227559 ​

Zeus Unite - Monsters Cover Card
Zeus Unite – Monsters Unity Asset Cover Card

Visual NPC Database Editor

  • Add, Edit and Remove Non Player Characters Types and Databases
  • Add, Edit and Remove Non Player Characters Sub Types
  • Add, Edit and Remove Non Player Characters
  • Add, Edit and Remove Character Attributes

Enum Editor

  • Create a NPC List of all available NPC’s in all Databases

Non PlayerCharacter Systems

  • Finite State Machine Example and Ready to Use
  • Unit Controller Example and Ready to Use
  • Health and Damage System Example and Ready to Use

Short Video Intro

Short Zeus Unite – Monsters Unity Asset Video Introduction

Monsters is a Great Extension to bring Non Player Characters to Unity Game Project. The Zeus Unite Monsters Asset is used to Manage NPC Databases and their Properties of those Non Player Characters. With Game Ready Solutions such as a Finite State Machine, Unit Health System, and Damage Interface, it can bring Monsters and other Non Player Characters quickly and alive inside the Game.

Compatible with our other Unity Assets

Similiar to our Item Database Asset, it uses the same Attribute Feature to create Values and Stats for Items and Monsters. With this the both Assets are fully compatible and benefit from each other.

Check out Zeus Unite Premium Unity Editor Solutions:

Asset Store Link: Item Database

Zeus Unite – Item Database Asset Cover Card

Asset Store Link: Game Core

Zeus Unite – Game Core Asset Cover Card

Youtube Full Asset Introduction

We Wish Everyone a Happy Development

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